Showing the benefits of baby carriers

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business started in 1961 by Björn and Lillemor Jakobson. Their mission is to to develop good, functional and safe products for babies and toddlers and to help families with small children in their everyday routines. Babyswede LLC is BabyBjörn's US distributor.

I worked with the team at Babyswede on product videos and social influencer events to support brand and PR strategy for the launch of BabyBjörn's first high chair and the Baby Carrier Miracle baby carrier. I was also the creative director for their healthy baby carriers website which aimed at educating new parents about product safety.


  • Creative direction
  • UX
  • Visual design
  • Content strategy
  • Script writing and refining
  • Casting
Bb poster 1 stroke
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Product posters for BabyBjörn high chair

Bb poster 3
Bb poster 4

Product posters for BabyBjörn baby carriers

Product video for BabyBjörn high chair

Product video for BabyBjörn carriers

Promotional video for BabyBjörn high chair product launch

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Photos from filming

Babybjorn sitemap

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Visual design for BabyBjörn's healthy baby carrier website

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Hbc site 052912 Page 05

Visual design for BabyBjörn's healthy baby carrier website


My objective was to develop videos and content that both individually and collectively worked to promote BabyBjörn products and also educate new parents or customers. BabyBjörn's products are intuitive, but not simple, and using them properly is critical for the child's safety.

In retail stores where the hybrid promo/demo videos were shown, sales increased by more than 10%. Meanwhile, by including testimony from doctors and customers, the healthy baby carrier website helped to establish a platform for communication and community development.